'+postemail8809+'') Climb the planks up, then to the right, then upward again. Climb up onto the ledge and go forward to find the treasure chest. Inside this cage are 5 salvage nets. (screenshots). One of Mathias's men holds Grim at knife point and orders Lara to drop her weapons. In the space beneath the landing, you'll find the last relic (7/7), a Jade Drinking Vessel from the Animal Statuary set, on the left, and a document (5/5), "Obsession," another entry from the Diaries of a Madman, on the right. Shoot a fire arrow at the effigy to burn away the cloth. These also collapse beneath you, so keep running across the first one, jump onto the next and when it tilts forward, slide to the end and jump onto the roof of the shack ahead. Reviews. (screenshots), Enter the building ahead to find the Vista Tower Day Camp. From here you can spot 2 more effigies (9 and 10/5). SOUTHWEST SIDE: If you haven't completed the Laid to Rest Challenge, look up to where Grim was standing and you'll see another effigy (7/5) hanging on the left side of the tower. Press Interact to grab a last-minute handhold. This involves a bit of trial and error, and you can use any weapon but I had good results with the shotgun. Thank you! Get all three and exit the way you came. Inside is a relic (6/7) a Scribe's Inro and some rifle/SMG ammo. (screenshots), FIGHTING NEAR THE WINDMILL: A small group of Solarii in the building with the windmill and cargo-hauling machinery spot Lara and start hollering. And, of course, continue to move from cover to cover as the dynamite rains down. Gear: none  Weapons/Weapon Parts: Handgun Part (2/3) Shoot a rope arrow into the rope-wrapped aircraft wheel hanging from the ceiling. You can also attempt to pull a few enemies off the ledges with rope arrows for the Get Over Here Achievement/Trophy. Turn left and jump to grab the white plank mounted on the side of the bridge. For Windows, Macintosh, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. All rights reserved. This is also a checkpoint. When Lara gets about halfway across, the bad guys notice her and cut the line. ). If you like, you can shoot the 2 Solarii as they follow Grim up the ladder. (screenshots). While they climb, aim gunfire to cause them to fall (and hopefully die). Instead, focus on the fourth can, on a shelf on the right side of the room when facing the climbing wall. NOTE: If you're having trouble making the jump with just the 3 cans holding down the seesaw, it is possible to get the remaining can. Jump up and grab onto one of the moving cargo cages as it passes by and climb on top. NOTE: There are several tasty chickens running around here in the Xbox 360 game. COMBAT IN THE COURTYARD: You should be fairly well fixed for ammo at this point, but if you need to resupply during this fight, there are 7 bundles of arrows leaning against the various crates and the back fence, plus 2 boxes of shotgun shells and some rifle/SMG ammo. or ? Pick up rifle/SMG ammo and arrows. Just beyond the spot where Lara automatically lights her torch, you pass through an area with water dripping from the ceiling. The area beyond the gate is described below. Again, if you're into Trophies and Achievements, you can try to shoot some of them off the lines as they descend. Grab the rifle/SMG ammo and then scramble up the painted wall onto the ledge above. Thanks to Mike for the heads-up. Wait until Roth says go and then jump across the gap and grab onto the next plank to the right. Rebooting Tomb Raider for next-generation consoles, this game focuses on a younger Lara Croft in her formative years of facing danger. †UPDATE HISTORY: 4/29/13 - First draft of walkthrough posted online. I lost to this part of the game so many times, I just quit. Unfortunately the ladder was destroyed during the fight. Examine the northern area, west of the gate that you open in the course of Highway to Hell.Locate the entrance to the building with white symbols painted on the walls. Then shoot a fire arrow into the salvage net hanging in the corner above and to the left of the red helicopter. A little way in, the passage widens into a cave with planks and a few body parts scattered on the ground. He mentions a setup for hauling cargo, and the camera shifts to show a cages full of junk moving along a cable between two high platforms. Jump from there to the ladder, pressing Interact to prevent Lara from slipping. Time Saved: 2 minutes. Aim your bow at an enemy not behind cover and shoot a rope arrow. Move up the steps on the left and around to some metal crates you can use for cover as you fight. Then immediately take cover as more enemies emerge. Lara getting snagged will result in an enemy ambush, along with the need to free herself (shoot the rope's hook above the counterweight). The timing for this is also a little tricky. The Solarii on the other tower shoot at you with rifles and throw explosives. (screenshots), Go back around to the wooden wall and scramble onto the ledge above. Follow the ledge to the left and scramble up the painted wall to the next level. If nothing else, it makes it easier to concentrate without the extra noise. This is a simple collection exercise, and not difficult once you stealth kill (or just kill) all (screenshot), Loot the enemies' bodies, pick up any ammo you missed earlier, and then use the zip line to cross over to the other side of the stream. There's an effigy (6/5) mounted on the west wall. Soon afterward, you step onto a muddy slope and slide down. I'm not sure about the PS3 version, but I didn't see them in the PC game. Pulling off all the wood barricade covers is a good idea, but leave the red barrels alone for now. Stay on the gondola and deal with the initial enemies who appear. The following will be the same section of guide for the next page. (screenshots), A third can sits on a higher shelf to the right of the statue. Tomb … Cry for Help Part 2. Yes! There are arrows and shotgun shells leaning against the metal crates just ahead. You'll need to do this 10 times during the course of the game to unlock the Deadeye Achievement/Trophy. Challenge Tombs: 1/2  Challenges: Laid to Rest - 3/5 items; Silencer - 4/4 items ** Jump the gap and continue forward to the edge of the landing. The key item is the sheet of reinforced metal to the right of the campsite. Rifle Part in a salvage box in the center of Shanty Town Handgun Part in Tomb of Judgment Shotgun Part in the Solarii Fortress firefight (the large room before earning the Grenade Launcher outside) (screenshots), Turn around and go back the way you came. Optional Tombs. Climb back up the way you came and pick up shotgun shells, arrows and rifle/SMG ammo leaning against the center support. Then, if you like, you can rest at the camp and spend any skill and salvage points you've collected. Destroy the barricade and look for [RIFLE AMMO] and [RELIC - #4 INRO (SCRIBE'S INRO)] inside this small room. Documents: 2/5  Relics: 3/7  GPS caches: 10/15  Treasure Maps: GPS Cache Map And all for a measly 100 XP! Break open the crate that drops out. This triggers a checkpoint. If you only rely on one autosave, you may run into trouble if you get stuck in the game, encounter a bug, or if your autosave file becomes corrupted. The rest of the bad guys stay in hiding for now. Ahead on the right is a mound of trash with a few corpses mixed in. Inside, climb the ledges, move around to the left, then go up the wooden steps and out into the area beneath the big bridge. Then finish off any stragglers still lurking over on the other building. You'll spot it by the traditional white paintings. Then jump forward to grab the next beam. Tomb Raider - Part 26 / Shanty Town exploration - Commentary Tomb Raider (PC) - Part 26. (screenshots), CHALLENGE TOMB ENTRANCE: Enter the tunnel near the campsite. For now, follow the path under the interrogator's shack. (screenshots), Some of the enemies will slide down the zip lines onto the platform where you are. Mountain Village. Go down the next short flight of steps and turn around to face them. If you need ammo during the upcoming fight, there are 5 bundles of arrows, 2 boxes of shotgun shells and 4 boxes of rifle/SMG ammo scattered around this area. Return to the wooden scrambling wall and go around to the left for another GPS cache (9/15). Carry it onto the lower end of the seesaw and drop it there with the other two. Turn right, run out into the sunlight and jump down onto the metal roof ahead. Updated October 18, ... Part of the MMORPG Life network. 4/30/13 - Added level map. Then head down the broken stairs to the GROUND LEVEL. (screenshots). Notice how one end of the seesaw is closer to the climbing wall. Climb the wooden wall inside the metal tower to reach the next level. Grim makes another appearance, but will be cut short by another cultist attack. Tomb Raider has a ton of collectibles on the island: Relics, Documents, GPS … Then traverse to the right until Lara is hanging on a wooden beam. (screenshots), Off to the southwest is a climbable surface on the cliff side. Roth tells Lara he'll cover her as she makes her way across the underside of the large bridge. Climb up the junk town and cross over to the gondola ride using the bridge in the mid-level, or hop across the gap between the spinning windmill. Sometimes there are a couple of groups of enemies in the part by the helicopter. Jump across the suspended wooden platforms and into the big pipe, which deposits you next to the Chamber of Judgment Day Camp. Notify me about new: FAQs. Tomb Raider Shantytown North. Climb to the ledge above the rough wall and pull up. EXPLORING THE BUILDING WITH THE WINDMILL AND CARGO-HAULING MACHINERY: After the fight, there are plenty of bodies to loot. Just throw 2 of the other cans up onto the shelf where it is sitting. Roth takes care of him, but in the process, Lara and the enemy tumble over the edge. There's a food cache about halfway along on the left, plus arrows and a salvage trunk at the top. Then go around to the southwest corner and drop down onto a small ledge to loot the body of the sniper who was shooting at you earlier. Tomb Raider - Part 28 / Chamber of Judgement part 1 - Commentary Tomb Raider (PC) - Part 28. You'll find the 'Helicopter Hill' base camp close to your starting position, on the far northwest side of the area. The moving windmill blades make it difficult to get a clear shot, but likewise they keep the enemies from targeting Lara at times. Go around to the left to find a salvage net. When he says, "Lara, I think you're clear," traverse to the right and pull up onto the bridge. If they manage to invade Lara's personal space, blast them with the shotgun or use one of your Brawler skills to disable and finish them. Just beyond the table with the document, around the corner to the left, there's another bundle of arrows. Once she heals and earns the Fire Arrows, she will need to engage the enemy. Traverse to the right until Roth tells you to stop. Hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the open area near the smelting pots is a cage with several round holes in it. Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Roth will act as an invisible sniper and kill enemies as they appear. The game was fun up to this point. This is also a good opportunity to work on Boom Goes the Dynamite and Get Over Here if you haven't unlocked them already. 1: Just outside the tomb entrance and the fast travel camp in the southeast part of Shanty Town, you will see a white sheet up high on the cliff. Press Interact to sink your axe into the wall. The first few enemies appear on the upper level of the tower with the tattered umbrella. Climb to the top and safety. As you head down the hill into the new area, Lara spots one of her friends sliding down a zip line pursued by enemies. for (i=0;i