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Third Watch

I wrote recaps of the NBC show
Third Watch
I was also able to recap the last two
episodes of Survivor's first season as well as the
reunion special and the first season


My current MBTV gig is writing
recaps of Smallville,
a show that airs Tuesdays
on The WB. You can find
my recaps here,
sign up for the recap mailing
lists here
and even
visit the very active forums.

and Fametracker

The folks at Über Interactive are so much
fun to write for that I'm trying to come
with an idea for another Hissfit. The first
and only one I've written was about Eminem. I also wrote a piece for Fametracker
about Oliver Platt and Robert
. Bonus: I wrote a recap of a David Copperfield special for MightyBigTV.

I wrote this for several months
in late 1998. It's a fictional journal
about a girl named Heather Yi
and a girl she's assigned to write
about for a class. It got a lot of
attention for the 36 chapters it existed.
Still working on possibly adapting
this into a first-person novel.
They're now available on Terribly
. You can read about them here.

Bombing Journals

When I covered the Oklahoma City bombing for The Oklahoma Daily, I wrote ten days of journals about my experiences there. I also wrote an epilogue two years later. All of it was online, but taken down when I left the University of Oklahoma. They've just been added to Terribly Happy.


I wrote and edited for
this section of the Austin
for two years. Sadly, the section was cut in October. I'm about to start a new job at the Statesman.

The Latino Comedy Project

I've been writing and performing with the LCP for
about two and a half years and it's been a blast. Our last show, August at the Paramount Theater, sold out.
We've had some great success. Our next original
full-length show will probably be in April 2001. Although it
hasn't been updated much, I did the work on the LCP Web site.

Novels, plays, etc...

You'll know as soon as I do. I have a play called Super Heroes
that I'm working on, possibly for Teatro Humanidad. It's a love story. Not much more details than that right now. Also working on a novel right now (about 25 pages into it) tentatively titled "Lake Travis Story." But it's not set on Lake Travis, it's set at Bull Creek, so you figure it out...
My first novel was called The Midnight Coming, (read into that what you will) but it was more an exercise to see if I could write it than an actual novel

Right now, I'm working on a new novel. More details to follow...

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