Omar G.

Scribblings and rantings, suitable for printing and posterity!

(Listed in faire jumping about chrono-logical fashion)


W A S H I N G T O N , D I S T R I C T ' O F ' C O L U M B I A

En-Pee-Arrrr (NPR) :
The very air known breathable is the carriage
of voice for these reports, which are
recorded into devices of tin and circuit, then
transmitted via cabling across the land. These
missives on our moderne-gadgetry come via
NPR, which was, you will remember
a vast pirate empire ('Avast! We be En-Pee-Arrr...
Natural Plunderin' Ratio!') before converting
to more legitimate businesses this centurie.
Thank goodness!

A U S T I N ,  T O R O N T O ,  S A N  A N T O N I O
 &  P A R T S  A S - Y E T - U N E X P L O R E D

Modern commentators sharpen their thistles
upon the tech-knowlogies most prized
among the youngest men of today's
society; amusements of the penny-stock
variety, as viewed and played
on "Video-screen" machines,
as engaged upon in the arcades
of men, both public and private.


A U S T I N  &  T A I P E I

Action-packed cartoons from the Far East
voiced by New Americans in precise trans-lation.
The character of "Shido," a master of beasts
(but not of his own heart, they say!), is
portrayed in low, deep tones and monkey
screeches by this publisher's own voice!


O R B I T ,  D E E P  S P A C E

Space Monkeys!:
While men-kind in outer spaces remain but
flights of idle fantasy, our simian antecedents
traverse the dark realms of beyond and
plot the destruction of man. Tales told
in comic-stripping form.


T O R O N T O  &  N E W  Y O R K

Television Without Pity:
Being a Web site for the purposes of dissecting and,
if necessary, desecrating the most beloved figures of the day
who perform upon the new medium of air-waves.

Movie-Cinema Trailers Not Pitied:

Far too many to list in this tiny
space, but you may sample a taste
of non-pity in this, this and this: a
trio of containers!.

Shows Not Pitied:

Smallville: A Dandy is enamored of
a Bald Man and seeks to harness
his "special powers and desires."

Third Watch: Medical experts, injury
transports and flame fighters work
and live in the New City of York.

City of Angels: In a city far West, medical
experts of color w
rangle with disease
and their own smoothness.

Short-Term Non-Pity:

Survivor: Strangers on an isle do all
but engage in the most vile act of
cannibalism to win great wealth.

The West Wing: See the struggles and
passions of the President of these
very United States!

David [Expletive Deleted] Copperfield: The
Great and Renowned Mage brings the
author a feeling of Creeping Horror.

The Miracle Worker: Our Lord and Saviour
as a California Raisin.


O K L A H O M A,  U . S .

Bombing Journals:
On April 19th, in the Year of Our Lord, Nineteen
Hundred and Ninety-Five, a tragedy did
occur that scarred all citizens. These are
writings taken during 10 days after the blast.
An epilogue does follow.


A U S T I N,  T E X A S

Our author attempts to divine the greatest
mystery of all: the workings of the lady
mind. Told in the style of the first-person,
a novel-length tale of one girl and then
another. An explanation as to the functions
of this tale resides in this locale.


Again, A U S T I N,  T E X A S

Latino Comedy Project:
Comedies in short form as told from the view
of our brown cousins who crossed the Southern border
to live among us. Frequently performing in live
theatres, these Mexican humorourists are wittier
than the average landscape helper.



Several in the works, including "Down by the
Water," a thriller in the traditional sense, a comedie
about five high school friends and a shelved work
titled simply, "The Midnight Coming" that is
not as prurient as its title suggests!

A new-fangled technologie-journalle called
"Digital Savant"
produced by the employers
of the author and featuring a wealth of talented
scribes. Also, several pieces for favorite Web-Sites
including a tale about the entertainer Eminem and
a piece comparing the talents of modern actors
Oliver Platt and Robert Pastorelli.

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