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04/18/01 (continued)
More happiness ....

This is Devil Doll from the wildly popular show "Radiskull & Devil Doll." I ordered it a long time ago from creator Joe Sparks and it is another trinket I keep at work.


This one I bought for $5 (borrowed) when Andy, Greg and I went on the Trail of Lights. It has a little knob that when you turn it on, the wand flashes brightly. It doesn't look so great in the picture, but rest assured, this is a fantastical wand that entrances all who cross its path.


These were a recent birthday gift. They are "Evil Bendy," "Pirate Bendy" and "Siamese Bendy." Each of them has a funny origin-story on the back of the package. Behind the three packages, there's a gift bag in the shape of a happy face. Awesome.


This hangs from the rear-view mirror on my car. Whenever I'm driving and stop quickly, the ball twists, and it looks like it's dancing. This works especially well when Destiny's Child is on the radio.

So that's the collection. I'll let you know when new additions are made and my house is so filled with happy crappy that I have to move to a bigger place.



David Copperfield has a little surprise for you.

Go check it out here.



Cosa's Hunger Strike to End Third-World Debt
The final days...

God bless her skinny little soul.

So my cat died.

It was very unexpected. I thought Cosa had this whole hunger thing licked. But when her bones started decomposing... well, that's when I knew that maybe she'd miscalculated her stamina.

So close. She missed the 30 day mark by only a few hours.

And I had some Tender Vittles waiting for her, too.

I got really sad over the weekend about the sudden and unexpected death of my hunger striking cat, wondering if somehow I could have prevented this. I decided, "No, not really."

But then, as sometimes happens, Jesus came over to my house. He saw that I was sad.

"What troubles you, my son?" He asked. (You have to capitalize His name like that. He gets annoyed if you don't. Same with God. Both of Them.)

"Well, my cat is dead."

"The one you starved?"

"I didn't starve her! She was on a hunger strike."

"Oh. I wish there was something I could do."


Then, Jesus made the image of a lightbulb appear over His own head. "Hey, what's today?" He asked.


"Easter Sunday?" He asked.


"Dude, I got it. Totally. Don't worry."

And then he RESURRECTED COSA! On Easter! Oh man, she was totally glad to be back, and we ate lots of chocolate and, well, things are back to normal. Except for her having died and all.

So, all's well that ends well. Thanks, Jesus!


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