These are some sites to see in other places, but which carry a similar flava'...


DamnHellAssKings is a portal site that lists all of the affiliated sites, including places where writers for Uber put their stuff on the Web. Love Glark! He is good.


One of the freshest, most well-written sites I read..

Greg writes insightful music reviews, features audio clips and a long-running journal. He also helped with this site!


Tomato Nation is the site that you wish you were clever enough to write, but then you realize that you should just go and cry. At least that's what I think. Sarah is clever and funny. Check her out.
Penny Arcade is a four times a week habit. Probably the best comic strip out there about video games or anything else. If you like cuss words in your comics, you can't go wrong here.



And some journals...

Pamie's back!

New, funny and by one of my best friends in the world

Rob be The Funny

Alittle bit Louisiana, a little bit Texan

It's hard to separate Dana from Rob because she is also The Funny

Internet Persona
Everybody loves Jessamyn

She likes to kiss everybody. And we love her for it.

Celluloid Eyes
Jette is sweet and she's from Austin. What's not to love?

Yay, Wendy! Read her stuff. She's da bizzomb.

She says I'm a hottie. For that reason and more, I link with love.

Buffalo Bill
He skins people. And his journal's good, too!

He no longer saves.

More sites to come as I think of them...