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04/27/01 (Page Two)
My name is Inigo Gallaga... You killed my fadder. Prepare to die...

Heather: "It Wasn't Me Gallaga."

Omar: "Hip To B. Gallaga."

Heather: Brand New Gallaga.

Omar: "Undeserving of the Best Actor Oscar Gallaga." And that one's brilliant because "Oscar" is a family name.

Heather: "Best Supporting Gallaga in a Musical or Comedy."

Omar: "Barely Alive After a Severe Concussion Gallaga."

Heather: "Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand Gallaga."

Omar: "Suffering From Seasonal Allergies Gallaga." "Prick Gallaga"* (*Note: Verb, not adjective form of "Prick") Never mind. I don't want to be a "Prick."

Heather: Heh. "That Guy's a Prick!" "Nobody Can Eat 50 Gallaga."

Omar: "They Said It Couldn't Be Done Gallaga."

Heather: "Pregant Women And Children Under 12 Shouldn't Handle Gallaga."

Omar: "He's Not Human! He Can't Be Reasoned With! He Doesn't Feel Pain! Gallaga."

Heather: "Soylent Green is GALLAGA!"

Omar: "Ultimately, Science Hopes To Unravel The Mystery That Is The Human Gallaga." You will never struggle to spell my last name ever again.

Heather: Fasten your Gallaga. (Heh. Instead, I'll just start pronouncing the letter L in it.)

Omar: "Objects in Gallaga May Be Closer Than They Appear."

Heather: "Be Kind, Please Rewind Gallaga."

Omar: "Bowlderize Gallaga." "4.2 Aftershock Gallaga."

Heather: "Ray Prewitt's Fourth-Grade Gallaga." "Microwave-Safe Gallaga."

Omar: "Refreshingly Unguarded Gallaga."

Heather: "Leaves No Flaky White Residue Gallaga."

Omar: "Strange Fascination With Catherine Zeta-Jones-Douglas Gallaga."

Heather: "Wild On... Gallaga."

Omar: "So Fresh and So Clean, Clean Gallaga."

Heather: "Mom, Have You Ever Had That Not-So-Fresh Gallaga?"

Omar: "A Scandal in Every Bite Gallaga." "Mouthful of Love Gallaga."

Heather: "Who Wants To Marry a Multi-Gallaga." "Chains of Love Gallaga."

Omar: "Understandably Bitter Gallaga."

Heather: "Comfortably Numb Gallaga."

Omar: "Pretending To Be Asleep Before He Jumps On Your Head Gallaga."

Heather: "A Plan So Cunning You Could Put a Tail on it and Call it a Weasel Gallaga."

Omar: "Cleverly Disguised as A. Shrub Gallaga."

Heather: "No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition Gallaga."

Omar: "Seriously, I Never Touched Your Daughter, Sir, Gallaga."

Heather: "Please Don't Touch Me Like That, Uncle Bob Gallaga."

Omar: "Needs Therapy Gallaga."

Heather: "Smoke If You Got 'Em Gallaga."

Omar: "Untimely Death Gallaga."

Heather: "Hey, That's My Mountain-Goat Gallaga."

Omar: "Noticeably Absent From The Rectal Exam Room Gallaga."

Heather: "The Kid Is Not His Son Gallaga."

Omar: "Marilyn Monroe's Mole Gallaga."

Heather: "Washing Hair, Changing Lives Gallaga."

Omar: "Acceptable Losses Gallaga."

Heather: "AOL Is Great Because It NEVER EVER Boots Me Gallaga."

Omar: "Sucking On The Toes Of All The Fine Ladies Gallaga."


So there you have it. If I ever change my name, it'll definitely be one of those. But how to choose...?


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