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6/29/01 (continued)
This "Pussy" can't be reasoned with!...

Sarah agrees with the majority:

I, for one, am not at all offended by this word. I use the word often to describe both the body part and inordinately chicken-shit men. Men are usually shocked to hear me say this word. I think part of that, though, is the way I look and sound. I'm five feet tall, I'm 42 but I look about 26, I wear glasses (though I would never consider lasik) and callers are always asking me if my mom's home.

I totally agree with you about the "c" word!


Tell that to Mistress Ann.

Tracey talks on the issue:

I say use the word. I, for one, prefer "pussy" (the word you dope) over the "c" word any day. I think the word pussy is rather sexy. Whenever I refer to my genitalia in conversations with my husband, I use the word pussy. Women generally aren't called "pussies" when being degraded. That is a term meant more to emasculate men. Women are call the "c" word when degradation is intended. So I'm not offended by the term "pussy," but find the "c" word highly offensive.

One woman reader's perspective.


Rachel (why are all my respondents women?) says:

This is a little random, but I was IMing a friend tonight, and we were complaining about bad days. I started to type "Yeah, when I'm mad I always cry, I'm such a pussy." And then I realized that if anyone typed that to me I'd be sort offended. Kind of. Not really. But almost. And I started thinking about what you wrote today.

I consider myself an intelligent, independent, feminist person. I wouldn't normally use any term I think is degrading or rude or nasty or offensive. But I'm also in a sketch comedy troupe, and a lot of what we do is goofing around (it's hard, when you're at a mostly upper-class Jewish university not to make lots of "we're so white and well off it hurts" jokes) using words like biznatch and pussy and stupid stuff like that. I've become kind of immune to lots of things I used to think were really offensive, because I've heard them in the context of a sketch, or improv with friends. We find humor in all kinds of stupid, offensive things, including the best rap lyrics ever: "I ain't got a problem witchoo fuckin' me. But I do got a problem witchoo not fuckin' me." So I suppose it's no real surprise that some of the vocabulary has snuck in to my everyday usage.

Bottom line, I've been debating this for hours, and I have no idea at all if it's offensive or not. I think it can be really funny, when used properly. I think it can be really, really rude when used incorrectly. I would say... it's better to be conservative when using the word pussy.

Aww hell, everything you said today cracked me up. So you write something funny and I respond with a damn essay on morals. Sorry.


I consider every Terribly Happy to be an essay on morals. Like the time I moralized on the mic with Mystikal! Damn, those rhymes were TIGHT!

Wait. What are morals, again?

Anna Beth said:


Cunt cunt cunt.


Hi, I'm seven.

Anna later apologized for the TWI (Typing while intoxicated). I made her write "I will not say the C-word on Omar's site while drunk") 100 times on the blackboard.

Irene had this to say:

Really, you're right on the money with the entry. The word in question seems so vile b/c it sounds so -- um, ICKY. It's improved a great deal if an "s" was dropped and an "h" was added: "pushy." ("Puh-shee") I know, it sounds like a bad tourist ran across the word and attempted to sound it out. less vulgar = more chicks.

I take that back. Don't say it in the company of women. It's just so demeaning, though the ass that invented it (I'll have to ask hubby for the etymology of the word) was probably the same guy in the basement inventing "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."


Incidentally, one of the guys who invented the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is married to Julie Strain, who gets my voted for "Skank of the Millennium." Just an FYI. (And since I'm linking to her site, I should point out that I mean "Skank" in the loveliest, most admiring form of the word.)

Keli cracked me up:

I found this back in October, I think. It was in the Village Voice. I am constantly amused by it:


Oh dear. I think I need a glass of water.


Even more letters. It never stops! ==>


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