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7/18/01 (continued)
The brilliant idea...


My idea (the most amazing one) was to take Fred out of his career slump by pairing him up with a current hot pop star.

I mean, it worked for Santana, right?

So I called up my buddy Mystikal, whom I've worked with in the past. Mystikal wasn't very receptive at first.


OMAR: Yo, Myst. What's the nooky on the cranny box?

MYSTIKAL: What? Who the fuck is this?

OMAR: It's Omar.

MYSTIKAL: OMAR! Hey, motherfucker! How's your family, bitch?

OMAR: They are quite fine. Outstanding, actually.

My hero

MYSTIKAL: Well fuck my back pocket and steal my change! What can I do for you, shit picker?

OMAR: Heh. That's pretty funny.

MYSTIKAL: Yeah, I know. That's on my next album.

OMAR: Oh, I almost forgot why I called. I need you to hook up with Fred Schneider.

MYSTIKAL: That plumber guy from One Day at a Time?

OMAR: No, FRED Schneider. From the B-52s.

MYSTIKAL: That fruity guy?

OMAR: Yeah. That's him.

MYSTIKAL: Goddamn, baby. That bitch's career is in deep freeze.

OMAR: I know. But you, my friend, are like those scientists in that one movie about the Iceman where they unfreeze the Iceman and try to integrate Iceman into society, but then he jumps off an icy cliff because he can't deal. Just like in that movie about the Iceman.

MYSTIKAL: That movie is called "Iceman."

OMAR: Oh. Well, can you help?

MYSTIKAL: Let me think about it. This is the kind of shit that can fuck up a brother's career. Remember Hammer?


MYSTIKAL: You see? Lemme see what I can do.


I waited a day, and then all of a sudden I get a call from Fred Schneider! He said, "Omar! Thanks for what you've DONE! Mystikal called me on the PHONE! We're going to record a SONG!"

So here, for the first time, before those little shits on those post-Napster music trading sites get a hold of it, is a landmark music collaboration between Fred Schneider and Mystikal. Please enjoy.


Download "Mystikal + Fred 2K1" in huge WAV format

Download "Mystikal + Fred 2K1' in much smaller MP3 format


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