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9/17/01 (Conclusion)
Deitological Discussion ...


Vengeful God:  I didn't mean, you know… I didn't think…

Loving God: That's right, you didn't think. You were acting like a little whiny, bored bitch.  Isn't that right?

Vengeful God:  Now, hold on.  I'm not no --

Loving God:  Little.  Bitch.

Vengeful God:  What?

Loving God:  Say it.

Vengeful God:  Say what?

Loving God:  Say you're a little bitch.

Vengeful God:  Hey, fuck you!

Loving God: Say it.  Or I'll incinerate the bastards myself.

Vengeful God: Hey, no!  Dude, knock it off!

Loving God:  Say it.

Vengeful God:

Loving God:  I'm waiting.

Vengeful God:  I'm…  (mumble mumble)

Loving God:  What was that?

Vengeful God:  You're a deity! You can hear me just fine, you asshole!

Loving God:  I want to hear it out loud.  So the angels can hear.

Vengeful God:  You suck.

Loving God:  Say it.

Vengeful God:  I'm…  l'ilbitch.

Loving God:  A little bitch who can't enunciate.

Vengeful God:  Would you stop already? All ruining my rep and shit. Why you always gotta be right?

Loving God:  Because I am.  Now settle down.

Vengeful God.  So what are we doing this week?

Loving God:  Resting.  Letting them sort it all out.

Vengeful God:  Hey, I know!  I've got this earthquake I've been sitting on that we could --

Loving God:  What did I just say?

Vengeful God:  Rest.  Let them sort it out.  God, you're boring.

Loving God:  You would have been even more bored if you'd destroyed it all. Isn't that right?

Vengeful God:  I'm gonna go play some foozball.  Are you in, or what?

Loving God:  I got blue.

Vengeful God:  You always get blue.

Loving God:  That's because I'm not a little bitch.

Vengeful God:  Could you keep your voice down? Please?



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