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12/14/01 (Page Two)
Readers rule...

Carey-Leigh says:


Being a pop cult whore myself, I felt like I just had to respond to the challenge at the end of your entry.

So, my nomination is -- Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. I know, I know. It's not exactly "new," but I do love it, and I think it's hella funny. The first time I saw it my digital cable gave the description of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" as "food items solve crimes." Well, my roommate and I laughed for about an hour at that. It was late. We may have been drunk. But enough about me.

The Aqua Teens, The Brak Show, Sealab 2021, and of course, as always, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast -- this lineup rocks the house. Unfortunately, it's on a little bit past my bedtime, but every time I catch it I laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

Oh, and congrats on the new house. I recently became a homeowner myself. It's kinda scary huh? Good luck with everything.


I hate hate HATE "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." But I love The Brak Show, Space Ghost, Home Movies and Sealab 2021 (my personal favorite). The shows are a fantastic blend of deconstructionism and just straight on wit. Definitely good stuff.

Here what Anne likes:

Hey Omar! I enjoy reading your site. And I do have a suggestion for your request: the new Jump, Little
Children CD, "Vertigo." This is their fourth CD, and all
their CDs are very different from each other. They've
been my favorite band for three years and their catalogue
of both recorded and unrecorded songs is very impressive. They're from Charleston, SC.

Here's the page on Amazon. Here's their official site. Here's a list of articles and reviews.

And I happen to have a fansite, too.


I like how you worked the pimp in there. Very subtle.

Perpetual Blonde says:

So you don't want to hear about how much I love Smallville?

The only new thing I've bought is The Sims's Hot Date, and after playing it for about 10 hours, I'm bored. Sure, there are a few new items to mess around with, but as far as having more interesting relationships occur between Sims, it's a drag.

Oh yeah! I saw Ocean's Eleven, too. Most likely not obscure enough, eh? But I'm looking forward to seeing Tenenbaums very, very much. I'm glad to hear you liked it. I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who thought Rushmore was boring, though. Am I?


Yes. Yes, you are.

Wow, Sophie's got a lot:

In the spirit of all things Wes Anderson, and your request for neat stuff, I'm sending the following links and suggestions your way:

Wes Anderson blog. Pretty good.


Mean Magazine isn't super-obscure, but damn, it's really good. It's one of those zine-ish publications that's managed the transition to bi-monthly glossy with both its personality,
teeth, and gorgeous sense of style intact. I'm a little worried, because I just checked the site and it looks like it hasn't been updated in a few months. Still, go through their archives.

Nest Magazine is a quarterly of interiors, which isn't as snooty as it sounds, but it is lavish. It's expensive, but every issue is also practically book-sized, so it's worth it. Their site isn't super informative, but it does feature the following quote from John Waters: "I subscribe to 92 magazines a month, and I always open Nest first."

Flag Magazine is web-only, and it dissects all the detritus of pop culture: movies, books, tv, the web, and miscellany. Actually, of these three, this is the one I would see you most enjoying and maybe writing for.


London Lee's Pop Linx is an invaluable resource for music lovers, particularly if you're interested in French pop (don't laugh!), indiepop, and sweet, sweet soul. His desktops are also kick-ass, and I never miss his reviews.

Blossom Dearie is one of my favourite jazz vocalists ever.
She's in her mid-70s, but she is still so fresh and effervescent andfunny that it's no wonder she's still performing. Her site is chock full of annoying pop-ups, but it's the best place to mail-order lots of her formerly out-of-print albums, and to keep tabs on her live dates and such.


Pocket Pig is a daily blog of Sabrina's meals: she draws them on her Sony Clie and uploads them with commentary to the site ( She's been away since late October, since she lost her job, but she also has a fun sideline in Three Words, a project where she asks people to send her the first three words that come to mind and then she draws them. Cobra Eating Fries is my current favourite (and desktop image), but the charms of Record Coat Bob can't be ignored.


You just tied up my entire weekend. Thanks a lot.

My old friend David says:

Why don't you review Farscape. I think it's been far underrated because it has a unique storyline and some very nasty bad guys. plus the whole thing is filmed in Austraila and is produced by the Jim Henson Corporation. Its on SCI-FI on Fridays usually, now it's in its rerun season.


I've never seen this, but if the Jim Henson Corp. is behind it, I'm there.

Liz offers this last bit:

Do you have any low-done on the "That 80s Show" Fox is
advertising? That looks ripe with possibility. Also, I know they're gettin' more fashionable, and they aren't brand spankin' new, but I'm a big Gilmore Girls fan and the writing seems to be maintaining excellence in obscure pop-culture references.


I haven't heard much about That 80s Show, but I refuse to watch on principle: The guy who created it recently got into a fight with Judd Apatow of Undeclared and, through a series of e-mails, revealed himself to be a world-class asshole. So, good luck with that show. I won't be watching.

As for Gilmore Girls, I started watching last season, mostly based on Pamie's recaps, and I'm hooked. I watch it every week, right before Smallville.

And that's it. You guys go enjoy all those links and media stuff. And have a great weekend.

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