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2/28/02 (Continued)
Fun with egos (page three)...



Goddammit, Alicia. RIGHT. THERE. You're going to feel so dumb in the morning.


Thanks for showing up, Matthew. Did you lose your bolo tie? Sorry we caught you before laundry day. Oh, and what happened to Janet's boobs? They were huge last week on her HBO special. Where did her boobs go? Who took them?


Oh there they are. Make sure to get those back to Janet when you're done.


Sheryl Crow: Least welcome conversion to slutty-ness this year.


Courtney Cox Arquette's clever disguise was nearly foiled when "Nelly Furtado" couldn't speak Portuguese on command.


I don't even have anything to say about this. How long can you girls keep Frederick's of Hollywood in business? Even Baz Luhrman is embarrassed.



More Grammy pics ==>

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