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Spurs Championship in pictures:


Ginobili! Seriously, this guy's got our heart in his hands.

The Spurs mascot is a coyote which I guess would make more sense for a Phoenix or Albuquerque team, but we love him anyway.

Okay, this is just a bad angle because my head is not usually twice the size of my brother's. I look like a giant bean with no neck. Those were our inflatable bangers which we used until our arms were bloody and raw.

Tailgaters! These same people were there after the game, but much happier.

Go Lee nails, Go!

Happy people on the escalator. The SBC Center, by the way, is VERY nice. Much swanker than the old Alamodome.

Confetti! Championship!.


Um... more championshipping!

Hometown heroes

That says it all.


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