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My name is Inigo Gallaga... You killed my fadder. Prepare to die...

"The LCP Sells Out!" kicked off last night and I couldn't be happier. We worked our asses off on this show, including filming video shorts on the weekends, and the results combine to make a really good show. I'm proud of what we're doing because it kicks ass. Go to that page and check out the info if you're interested in seeing the show. It runs for two more weeks after this weekend.

If you're in Austin, you have no excuse not to check us out.


My friend Heather moved to L.A. to work for MTV, but that hasn't stopped us from wasting lots of time on Instant Messenger. After the famous Spankie conversation, we got to talking about names. I like Omar fine, I guess, and it's a great name to have online because it keeps me from being confused with the millions of Mikes, Johns and Bobs out there. But it's not exactly the most action-packed name. Here were some suggestions during our conversation:

Heather: Do anything good this weekend?

Omar: Saw Memento. Kick ass.

Heather: Oh yeah, I saw that in TH, but Netscape crashed before I read it. I really want to see that movie. I saw "The Tailor of Panama."

Omar: Was that good?

Heather: Yeah, actually. It's complicated, but good.

Omar: How's the Pierce? God, what a great name.

Heather: He was prett studly -- like a crass James Bond and in linen instead of Armani.

Omar: Oy, linen. I want a name like "Pierce." Any verb, really. Climb Gallaga.

Why can't I have a name like "Pierce Brosnan?"

Heather: Stab Gallaga. Lunge Gallaga. Speed Gallaga. Ooh, I like that one.

Omar: Speed's not a verb... or IS it?

Heather: I guess speed isn't a verb. But it's a kicky drug!

Omar: Pursue Gallaga.

Heather: Ooh, Chase Gallaga! Or Whip.

Omar: Slug Gallaga. Inseminate Gallaga.

Heather: Slice Gallaga.

Omar: Edit Gallaga. Oh man, how could I not get hired at any newspaper with a name like that?

Heather: Totally. Just promise me you won't be "Scoop Gallaga."

Omar: Oh dear Lord. "Meet Deadline Gallaga."

Heather: Heh! "Inch-Count Gallaga."

Omar: No. "Debit Card Gallaga." "Pay at the Pump Gallaga." (Ooh, that's dirty.)

Heather: Like that one, though. "All You Can Eat Gallaga."

Omar: "Carry On Luggage Gallaga."

Heather: "Smoking Permitted Gallaga."

Omar: "Police Partner Vengeance Gallaga."

Heather: "Mind the Gap Gallaga."

Omar: "Remarkably Minty Gallaga."

Heather: "Antibacterial Gallaga."

Omar: "Presenting A. Unified Front Gallaga." "Did You Just Hit On My Girlfriend, Vince Vaughn? Gallaga."

Heather: Genie in a Gallaga

Omar: Heh heh. .

Heather: There are some things that money can't buy, but for everything else there's Gallaga.

Omar: "Shake that Gallaga! Shake that Gallaga! Show Me What You're Workin' With!"

Heather: "Antibacterial Gallaga."

Omar: "Presenting A. Unified Front Gallaga."


More cute names ==>


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