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9/17/01 (Continued)
Deitological Discussion ...


Loving God: You don't see them like I do.

Vengeful God: Damn right. I'd like to see them under a few well-placed meteors.

Loving God: Did you get into the ambrosia? Are you sugar-high? What's the matter with you?

Vengeful God: I miss meteors. Remember when the dinosaurs got too big for their britches?

Loving God: That's not funny. I liked the dinosaurs.

Vengeful God: I was all, "POW! Bam! Take that, bronto! Bitch-ass T-Rex!"

Loving God: You did get into the ambrosia.

Vengeful God: What are you gonna do, love me to death?

Loving God: Stop it.

Vengeful God: What, are you gonna shine some holy light in my eyes?

Loving God: Stop.

Vengeful God: Send me a lamb to cuddle me into submission?


Vengeful God: Did you just yell at me?

Loving God: YES! I YELLED AT YOU! I'm tired of your shit! Every year, "Let's smite them, let's kill them, they disrespected our peeps." The same whiny bitch BULLSHIT all the time! If I had ears, they'd be worn the fuck out from your stupid, retarded whining!

Vengeful God: Did you just call me retarded?

Loving God: You want to end this? You want to check out? Go ahead. There's the Earth. Here's some fire. Have at it. Go ahead, you piece of shit. Destroy everything.

Vengeful God: I

Loving God: What are you waiting for? Take the fireball! Lob it on over there. Incinerate the bastards. Do it quick.

Vengeful God: Shit Man, I you know. I Um

Loving God: What, now you can't do it? What happened to busting a cap? Where's your vengeance? It's not enough that we just put them through Hell, ran them through the ultimate of tests, gave them a chance to prove to us once and for all that they're worth this little blue-green orb? You can't wait to see what they do now? Then do it. Go ahead.


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