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More music talk (Page Two)...

PJ: I fear she already has. Did Missy Elliot really lose a lot of weight? Someone told me she's a lot thinner now.

Omar: Yeah, she did. It was from all the sex she kept singing about.

PJ: I knew something had to be the result of all that talk

Omar: Sexual Rappin'. It's the new pilates.

PJ: Or it might've been cuz she put her thing down, flipped it and reversed it.

Omar: I love Miss-E so much. If I ever threw down with her I'd probably be totally disappointed. It's be like, "Come on, girl, let's get fah-reek-ah!" And she'd be like, "Yeah, just move your head so I can watch the Carson Daly show." Reversing it's what did it. Maybe that's a euphemism for bulimia.

PJ: She put the donut down, flipped the toilet seat and reversed the flow of her digestion.

Omar: What's that garbled stuff she says in that song? It sounds like she's speaking alien Spanish or something.

PJ: .noitsegid reh fo wlof eht desrever dna taes teliot eht deppilf nwod tunod eht tup ehS
It's "I put my thing down, flipped it and reversed it" backwards.

Omar: Man, she's so sly. She's going to do a song sideways one day and nobody will be able to figure out. It's gonna end up being a recipe for caramel brownies. She must have hooked herself up to a brownie-aversion machine, like in Clockwork Orange.

PJ: mmmmm brownies.'d have to be sexual so it'd be a recipe for edible underwear.

Omar: I didn't mean actual brownies.

PJ: Oh. Oh my.

Omar: Oh boy! She gets by.

PJ: Bye bye bye.

Omar: I'm listening to the song right now. I'm so pathetic. I get addicted to this crap. "I get HIGH on your memory HIGH on your memory!" That's gonna be in my dreams tonight. I'm gonna dream about somebody opening up my computer and sniffing my SDRAM.

Missy: Don't she look like a Halle Berry postah?

PJ: I don't really listen to the radio anymore.

Omar: What do you listen to?

PJ: CDs I make. I usually get songs before they come out on the radio anyway. So I've played them out before the radio has even had a chance to.

Omar: What are you listening to these days? Can't be better than, "I get by."

PJ: Right now I've got some Mazzy Star playing.

Omar: Oooh. That's good. Wish she'd come out with another album already. Portishead too. And Cibo Matto for that matter. I got over White Stripes pretty fast when I saw them on SNL. They were AWFUL. Like they were trying to mock themselves before anyone else could get to it.

PJ: Ah. Tori Amos' CD just came out I heard it's all right.

Omar: Yeah, her last album was crap. But this one's supposed to be a lot better.

PJ: Jay-z's really starting to irritate me.

Omar: Really? Why so?

PJ: I dunno. He's always talking about Tupac and stuff but 2pac didn't like him and if he were still around, Jay-z would be out of a job.

Omar: 2pac would be like, "And you are...?"

PJ: Hehe.

Omar: Jay-Z would say, "It's me! Jay-Z! You know, The Blueprint!" And 2pac would say, "Oh, yeah, the building permits are in the office. You can start buiding the pool out back." Jay-Z needs an alter ego besides HOVA. He could be Jay-za Minelli. Or Jayvallerie Bertinelli.

PJ: Jay Zeno

Omar: Heh. Jay Zero to Sixty in Two Stanzas.

PJ: All of 2pac's crew had names like great leaders. Makaveli, Napoleon, Mussolini. Maybe not great leaders.

Omar: 2pac should have been Lincoln.

PJ: He's da Lincoln log! He'd start the north and south beefin'

Omar: He's like, "Yo, fellas, I'm gonna be Lincoln, so from now on (GUNSHOT) OW!" "Shit. I shoulda... been... Clinton..."

PJ: ", not Carter."

Omar: I feel sorry for your generation, though. We had REAL music when i was coming up.

PJ: I know.

Omar: Men at Work. Spandau Ballet. REAL shit.

PJ: We just end up stealing your generation's music.

Omar: The Thompson Twins. They were the White Stripes before the White Stripes. Nobody knew if they were really twins, or lovers, or what.

PJ: Even our music steals from your generation.

Omar: Yeah, our shit was already all on synthesizers and electronic, so it's easy to sample. Nas is doing an entire album of Cyndi Lauper covers. It's called "Tru Cullaz." No, better: "Tru Cullaz, BITCH." "She Bop (On My Tip)."


And there you have it.

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