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2/28/02 (Continued)
Fun with party pics (page two)...



Alicia. On your eyes. It's still there. Just.. Here. Here's a Kleenex. Just wipe it.


Who in the world doesn't love Bootsy? I'd love to take that person and have them go shopping with Bootsy. Bootsy fucking rules.


Six days and the world is already sick of Sarah Hughes.


"See this belt thing at the bottom of my dress? I buckle that to keep my uterus from falling out when I sing."


The B-52s used to dress like this. The clock is ticking, Gwen. It's chiming, "Solo, solo, solo..."


"Yo, big mad shout-out to Run-DMC for letting me raid their closet before tonight's show."



More Grammy pics ==>

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"Don't mind me. I'm just here to frighten the children and steal their precious souls."

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