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Oscar, Oscar! ...


Like any reasonably sane person, I bitch about my job all the time. You have to do this in life. Otherwise, people who give you that work will figure that you're too complacent and happy, and will give you more work to do, and it will grow proportionately until you finally do have something to bitch about. I bitch. It's fine.

But tonight, on Oscar night, I got home and was jazzed about my job. I spent it at work, something I'd been dreading for the last month. Who the Hell wants to spend Oscar night at the office? I wanted to go to a party where people made little Oscar statue-shaped cookies and handed out Xerox'ed ballots and had a $40 Oscar pool. I wanted that kind of Oscar night, not the kind where I sit at my desk in front of a computer. Fuck that shit. I want cookies.

As it turns out, I had a fabulous time. I think it was a mix of being around very knowledgable, smart people at work who know their movie trivia (is there anything worse than being at an Oscar party where people haven't even heard of the Best Picture nominees? That shit should be illegal.) and who were genuinely happy to be there. I ended up becoming one of them, especially when one of my superiors did the cutest thing ever: She brought in a little George Foreman grill and Oscar Mayer weiners. Get it? Oscar Mayer? Oscars? And she said she was going to bring onion rings. Because of Lord of the Rings. How cute is that?

This Faith Hill outfit is sponsored by Home Depot and Glidden Paint. You can select your paint swatch directly from this dress!

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The other great thing was that I was on this huge adrenaline rush the whole night. I edited stories. I wrote stories and cutlines. I hunted for historical information. I watched the whole thing on TV. I picked photos for our movie section front. I ordered pizzas and waited outside in the cold for the tardy pizza truck guy to arrive. I went to about a trillion Web sites. I hunted the wires. It was a total rush. I didn't go to the bathroom all night because there was simply no time and after all that pizza and soda and chips and other crap food... let's just say that my bladder will never forgive the ceremony for being four hours and twenty three minutes long.

That was the other thing. It was the longest Oscars ever, and we still managed to make it almost on deadline with all the complete information in our later edition. I was at work until 1 a.m., but it was fabulous. I had a ball. Which is more than I can say for Russell Crowe.

It's hard to get jazzed about my job sometimes, even though I love what I do. I get tired and frustrated and annoyed like everyone else. But on Oscar night, everything just clicked. I was glad for what I do, and for once it just felt like a big damn party.


The thing that was most fun to write was this: A highs and lows chart of the Oscars. On our life front, it actually appears in abbreviated form as a line graph going up and down. It looks cool as hell. But online, you can see the full version. I wish my job could be to write these kinds of items all the time.

In other news: Smallville recaps aplenty. Go check them out.

One reason I haven't updated lately is this: Our new Latino Comedy Project show, "The LCP Does Life" opened Thursday night. So far, people seem to really like it. If you're in the Austin area, please come check us out.

I'll be back again this week. Promise. Let me get some sleep, my taxes done and a recap finished and we'll talk more then.



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The Leprechaun at the end of this rainbow is a disgruntled former Leprechaun Post Office employee. He wants to kill you. But first, he wants his rainbow to appear on Faith Hill's Oscar dress.

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