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Music talk with the bro...

My brother knows more about what the kids are listening to these days than just about anyone I know. When I don't know who sings a rap song or what's the latest/greatest, he always fills me in.


Omar: Hey, have you heard "Styles?"

PJ: Maybe.

Omar: He sings a song about gettin' high. He gets high as a kite. No lie.

PJ: Oh yeah. Why?

Omar: Just wonderin'. Didn't know if people knew of it or if I was the only hearing it constantly.

PJ: It's always playing when my alarm goes off in the morning. I think it's the only rap song on rotation now or something. I've never listened to it, but I have it in my subconscious because it's on before I wake up

Omar: Yeah, it's just like that Cam'Ron song where they keep saying, "Boy." That little high girl voice saying something and people rappin' over it.

PJ: Yeah... I think the edited version says "I get by, by, by by" instead of high.

Omar: Heh. He gets by. With the change in his pocket. "Yo, Styles, how you livin'?" "Oh. I get by."

PJ: And all his ice. "Oh. I get by... by by by"

Omar: And then he runs away. With N'Sync.

PJ: Sounds about right

Omar: He needs to get with Cam'Ron. It could be, "I get BY with my OH BOYS!"

PJ: Hehe.

Omar: "I get BOY, I get BOY, OH BOY!" And then, they'd be the first openly gay rappers.

PJ: Actually... I think there are already openly gay rappers. I remember hearing something about that.

Omar: Really? Besides Insane Clown Posse?

PJ: lol. I can't remember. There are all sorts of rappers out there. The Asian ones are hilarious.

Cam'Ron! Oh boi!

Omar: I remember when Siegfried and Roy put out their rap album. Say what you will, but their rhymes were TIGHT. Asian rappers? Isn't Dan the Automater Asian?

PJ: I dunno.

Omar: I always thought he'd be good as "Dan the Autoeroticasphyxiator."

PJ: Nothing like hanging yourself while touching yourself to get the flow going.

Omar: He's like, "Man, I'm gonna write me a song about this feeling! This is great! I... uh... zzzzzzzzz." So there are gay rappers, Asian rappers, clown rappers... How come there's no farmer rappers? Was Bubba Sparxx a farmer?

PJ: I think so. Might as well have been.

Omar: What about Petey Pablo? Didn't he grow some tobacco or something?

PJ: No no. He invented the helicopter

Omar: I thought that was Galileo or Michaelangelo or one of those guys.

PJ: No no. It was Petey Pablo.

Omar: Man, he must be OLD.

PJ: That's why his voice is so raspy.

Omar: Was the he the one that came up with the name, "Whirlygig?"

PJ: No, that was me.

Omar: So was it Raphael or Da Vinci that invented the thing where you swing your T-shirt around?

PJ: That was Pablo Picasso. With the assistance of Timbaland.

Omar: Picasso & Timbaland. Droppin' to a Tower Records near you, art criticz. Then he rolled in the mud and Timbaland sampled all the splooshing noises.

PJ: Peep dis shit, yo.

Omar: Was his Blue Period when he swung a blue T-shirt around?

PJ: That was when he did it very sadly.

Omar: He swung the T-shirt around all slow and lethargic. "What does it all mean, anyway?" He began to doubt his own T-shirt iron-ons.

PJ: They were peeling. And cracking. He started using those puffy iron-ons like the ones mom used to make.

Omar: Ha ha. Shhhh! She'll hear you! Mom should have gotten Timbaland to design all our clothes. Or just have us wear trash bags like Miss-E.


Continued: Even more music discussion! ==>

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